Art Crush: Heather Day

New week, new crush.  I originally found Heather Day's work on Instagram via Tappan Collective (one of the venues where she sells her paintings) and now it seems I'm seeing her work everywhere these days, which I don't mind at all...

 I love how she describes her process: 

"These paintings begin at every seam, edge, and mark. Then layers of paint overlap revealing collected moments of interaction. Every mark creates a series of expectations similar to a conversation. When a question is asked, an answer is anticipated."

Check out her website to view more of Heather's amazing work (it is there that you can also purchase her drawings).  Her instagram feed is also top notch, where she gives regular glimpses into her process and goings on. 

And just one more to leave you with: check out this site-specific installation/mural at the Sub in SF's Mission District (what started as a venue for showing her paintings turned into an opportunity to make this)...mega inspiration!  

- photos by various photographers via

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